Children’s Parties

Children’s Parties

Children’s parties are often a source of stress. Entertainment and food to deal with. By Request can easily take care of the food side of things for you, parties are our speciality.

A very popular choice is a sausage sizzle which is very easy to prepare. Kids love it. – Bread, sauce, sausages – perfect!. Another popular choice is for each child to have his/her own Food Box-containing- a party pie, sausage roll, pizza slice, 100s and 1000s, a little cake, celery and carrot sticks , a bag of crisps and a carton of juice. It almost goes without saying that it is good to have healthy treats as well as traditional party goodies which help to keep the food balanced and salve your guilty conscience that you little ones have probably consumed more E numbers in two hours than they normally  would in two weeks! Allergies are another thing that it’s wise to check for. As long as we know if there are any such problems we can cater for it.

It’s quite a nice idea to split the food up as it were by dishing out the healthy stuff  (all easy finger food to suit the kids’ ages) when the kids arrive at the party . Then when they have burned up all their energy playing the games and being entertained, it’s time to gather them on a picnic rug or at the table to have the party goodies.
A great food activity – Allow the children decorate their own cupcake. Have some sprinkles, smarties, small marshmallows, little toys on a tray.Then ask the kids to decorate their cake – OK so the result may not be a work of art or even something that resembles anything you would choose to eat but kids absolutely love it.


Let us make your childrens party less stressful
Precious times but tiring, fraught and stressful – let us help make their day and your day more fun

A few food ideas for children’s parties,

Simple Sandwich Triangles

Baby Sausage Rolls

Bowls of Grapes / Fruit Kebabs for Older Children

Bowls Of Crisps

Hand made Chicken Nuggets

Assorted Biscuits

Hand made Rice Crispy Cakes

Small Individual Jellies



Download Children’s Party Sample Menus