Barbeque Anybody?


There’s something about a barbeque isn’t there? It conjures up images of a warm summer’s evening with friends doesn’t it?  Their happy chatter and  laughter  punctuating the music that wafts gently from the house. The aroma of delicious food cooking on the barbeque gets their mouths watering. It’s the perfect scenario isn’t it? We’ll move swiftly on from the great British summer weather and take you to an announcement from your caterers, “Ladies and gentlemen, your food is now ready if you would like to make your way to the barbeque the chef and staff will serve you your meal.” All is now well.

Whether you just want hot steak baguettes smothered with caramelised onions or an extensive menu such as the sample menus below you can rely on By Request to come up with a delicious barbeque. So, ditch the pinny, put on your best and most relaxed smile, grab a glass of something lovely and enjoy the company of your guests and leave the rest to the professionals.


Catering in the middle of nowhere
We can and have catered almost anywhere

The Suckling Pig Roast Barbeque Menu

Roasted Suckling Pig
Spicy Spare Ribs
Seared Beef Steak
Garlic Chicken Thighs

Pesto Roast Vegetables
Melon, Prawn & Cucumber Salad
Cous Cous & Summer Leaf Salad
Florida Salad

Summer Lemon Tart
Chocolate & Red Cherry Roulade

The Calgary Barbeque Menu

Whole Fillets of Beef (carved)
Foiled Fruits of the Sea
Lamb Steaks With Rosemary
Pork Pitta Pouches

Jacket Potatoes Served With Toppings
Garlic Vegetable Skewers
Beansprout Salad
Crunchy Green Salad With Blue Cheese Dressing
Garlic Mushrooms
Grilled Herb Corn On The Cob,
Hot Garlic Bread

Fresh Pineapple Pavlova
Individual Strawberry Flans


Download A Full Set Of Our Sample BBQ Menus