Private Clients

Private Clients

By Request has, over the years, catered for hundreds of  satisfied private clients. Catering for private clients comes in many guises – weddings, christenings, house warming parties, birthday parties, barbecues, anniversary celebrations, Christmas “get together s” and at the other end of the scale, funerals. Whichever way you cut the cake, entertaining, even for those who are experienced is not only stressful but hard work. One simple telephone call to By Request will relieve both these problems. Tell us what you want, where you want it, at what time, and for how many. Then all you need to do is put on your party frock and best smile,  work up an appetite, and leave the rest to By Request.

We can take care of all elements of your event and with our wealth of experience will be able to help and advise on all sorts of extra bits and pieces. Who and what we don’t know about in the catering / event game is not worth knowing!
So, whatever your event you can be rest assured that By Request will serve you well, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries at all.

table laid for dinner at private client's home.
Table laid for celebration dinner at private client’s home.

Why choose By Request to cater your special event?

WE DO: We offer a choice of products and service, which we can adjust to suit you “The Customer”.

WE DON’T: tell you what you must have.

WE DO: tell you what our prices include.

WE DON’T: give you a very cheap price and then add all extras on the invoice after the event. We want to serve you again and again.

WE DO: prepare all food fresh each day in purpose built kitchens, using only the freshest finest ingredients.

WE DON’T: keep costs down by defrosting some processed factory made item. We have the skills and ability to prepare and produce all our products, on a daily basis, in purpose built kitchens thus guaranteeing their quality and freshness.

WE DO THAT: buffets hot and cold, wedding receptions, cocktail parties, boardroom lunches, funerals, barbecues etc. It is our Raison d’Être.

WE DON’T: sell soup in plastic cups, sell corned beef sandwiches in cling film, packets of crisps etc. We are a catering company, this is not a side line.

WE DO: offer excellent service whether you’re having sandwiches for 6 or a marquee event for 600

WE DON’T: promise you the earth, book you in and then let you down all together just because a much bigger customer has suddenly along.

WE DO:offer service which is reliable, consistent and always value for money.

Our private clients are every bit as important to us as the big businesses and we spend our 52 weeks of the year making sure all your needs are catered for every week